On 9/17/08, Dennis Schridde <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 16. September 2008 04:54:36 schrieb bugs buggy:
> > On 9/15/08, Dennis Schridde <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > Am Monday 15 September 2008 21:17:24 schrieben Sie:
> > > > On 9/15/08, Dennis Schridde <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > Aren't there any Mac gamers forums/mailinglist/newsgroups anywhere?
> > > Mac gaming news sites? ModDB? GameDev? ...
> > > Maybe we can draw testers from one of those locations?
> >
> > I am sure there are, just nobody I know, knows about them...
> > We got a few people in the forums, but with the timezone differences, it
> is
> > really, really hard to get everyone in one place to test.
> Maybe we can ask those people whether they know good places to ask for more
> help? Maybe we can make them test among each other and just report bugs?
> Maybe we can even get them to recruit testers for us...

What say you Mac people?

> Then just post that on the front page of the site asking people to test
> > those.
> > The only problem I see is that we have no way to automate mac builds, so
> > they will, once again, be left out of testing, unless we can find a way
> to
> > make nightly builds for them also.
> Building Mac builds is only possible on Macs, correct?
> That would be an issue. Maybe someone has a spare (or always-on-and-unused-
> during-the-night) Mac we could use for that.
> In 2 months I could investigate into finding that Mac and setting it up for
> nightlies. Cannot guarantee that I will get it and whether it will work
> though.

The other option is to have a better / easier way to maintain mac build
I don't know what is involved with xcode, but it seems it isn't very easy to
add/fix stuff in it.

> > Maybe someone wants to do one commit a day less to some random parts,
> but
> > > instead add one line to the ChangeLog per day. That would probably
> > > already have fixed the issue entirely, if it was done since the first
> > > time I talked about it.
> > >
> > > If everyone was adding a line to the ChangeLog directly for everything
> > > important (and be it unordered), that would of course make it *even*
> > > simpler.
> > >
> > > Per: Care to add this to the development/commit guidelines?
> >
> > I was thinking, how about adding a changelog entry (or 1 line summary)
> into
> > the svn log, then we can use a bot to parse the logs, and then it can
> auto
> > add it to the changelog by date /time.
> Wouldn't that be the same work for everyone as adding one line to a file?

No, since everyone *must* enter something in the svn log, so 1 additional
summary line at that point in time, isn't getting in the way of anything.
I was trying to make it a automated process, since, we can see what happens
when it isn't automated, things don't get written in that file at all.
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