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> Am Montag, 22. September 2008 04:32:13 schrieb bugs buggy:
> > While this has been discussed before, I feel that we need more input from
> > everyone, so I created a poll to see what the community thinks is the
> best
> > course of action.
> >
> > This concerns if we should do a 2.1 beta 5, or skip 2.1 beta 5, and do a
> > 2.2 beta 1.
> > In either case, there must be another beta.
> I vote for 2.1_beta5 for the reasons stated earlier.
> We cannot release 2.2 just now. You are giving a wrong impression to the
> community...
> I *will* be full of bugs, several things may need to be removed if you want
> to
> start releasing it within the next one or two months, several things will
> not
> be finished till then, etc...
> So you need at least till December for a release, imo.
> Obviously not telling the community these things (in the question already,
> people are likely to click before they have read everything), and making
> them
> think "2.1 is crap, but we could get 2.2 just now" resulted in those wrong
> votes.

I didn't say 2.1 is crap, I said it breaks savegames, and is lacking other
features.  I see there was a slight miswording though--I will redo it, and
start poll over.

However, I didn't state a 'release', I said 2.1 beta 5 or 2.2 beta 1.
Either way, we are going to have another beta, it just depends on which
version we do the beta from.

I have been playing 2.2 (trunk+ FMVpatch) SP game, and as I encounter
bugs/issues, that is what I work on.
For 2.1 (branch), IMO, it is *not* worth even playing the SP game.
 You can't even compare them, the difference the FMVs bring is simply huge.

That is mainly why I do not think 2.1 is worth it to continue to work on/be

On the MP front, since 2.2 & 2.1 are pretty much the same codewise, there is
no real difference here.

> http://forums.wz2100.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2188
> >
> > The reasons have (more or less) already been discussed on this list
> > already.
> >
> > But let me add that savegames are a very good debugging tool, and *if* we
> > release a 2.1 beta 5 that will break savegames since beta 4, and trunk as
> > well, there will be no easy way to load those games up, and see if the
> same
> > issue is present in trunk or not.
> 2.1_beta5 would add the gateway section back to savegames, right?
> And that would make them unable to load in trunk?

And this is that miswording.

> And in my latest rounds of debugging things, this would not be something I
> > would like that much, in fact, I would hate it.
> >
> > With such a small, active, development crew working on this project, I
> > rather we all concentrate our efforts on trunk, and rebase from that.
> You mean "rebranch"?

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