bugs buggy wrote:
> On 9/14/08, Tim Baumgartner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Nice work :)
>> I tested on Linux (if you can wait about a week I can test it out on OS X)
>> and
>> only had a problem with the directory names in the extracted sequences
>> directory. I had to lowercase the first letters in the directories
>> data/base/sequences/Cam1, Cam2, and Cam3 so that they are 'cam1', 'cam2',
>> 'cam3'
>> in order for my machine to find and load the mission videos.
>> Other than that, my only complaint is that the video quality is pretty low.
>> Tim
> Not to sound too pushy, but is it possible to explain to others how to add
> the Theora dependency ?
> We got some more mac people wanting to test things out, but nobody has a
> clue how to fix the xcode stuff to make this patch work correctly.
> For the low video quality, I added a menu option of 'native', so it will
> display it centered on your screen in its native resolution, which makes it
> look better.
> Other than redoing all the videos from scratch, we have to live with the
> 320x240 & 192x168 videos we got now.

I'll try to get the patch (is it still a patch or had it made it to the trunk 
yet?) working on OS X in the next few days and post the patch of the Xcode 
project. I meant to test it over the weekend but I've been busy with other 


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