Kamaze schreef:
> In before I get bombed with questions about it:
> wz2100.net is currently down.
> A libc6-xen update yesterday doomed my whole DomU and the Xen-Deamon
> seems to be stuck with my DomU. I can't kill/pause/unpause/burn it. So,
> i have to restart the Dom0, which is a bit difficult because some other
> people will rape me when I do this without a prior notice and something
> goes wrong.
> So I have to wait that everyone is informed about the maintenance, then
> I can start to work on my DomU problem. In the worst-case I have to
> re-setup my whole machine, in best case there is a new update or I can
> undo the update by installing the prior libc6 package.
> Depending on how much work is approaching, it is possible that the
> website will be completely down until Tuesday, because I write an exam
> on Tuesday and that has a higher priority for me than the website.
> And in before Giel or someone else asks, I can't let the domain point to
> some other server, because the "overall latency" for requesting the
> A-Record will be commonly 2-3 days, *2 for changing back.
> I am very sorry for the inconvenience and will engage this as soon as
> possible.

As a temporary read-only mirror: https://trac.mortis.eu/warzone/


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