#97: Smarter Structure Targeting Patch
        Reporter:  Zarel      |        Type:  defect
          Status:  new        |    Priority:  major 
       Milestone:  2.1        |   Component:  other 
         Version:  svn/trunk  |    Keywords:        
Operating_system:  All        |  
 Partially fixes [http://developer.wz2100.net/ticket/95 ticket 95].

 This patch fixes a number of structure targeting bugs, and improves
 structure targeting in many ways.

 - Structures no longer target things they can't shoot because of terrain
 blocking. (This fixes the situation where a structure is targeting a
 nearby enemy droid it cannot attack, while other faraway but still within
 range droids are attacking it)

 - Structures will target trucks before unfinished structures, if possible.

 - Direct-fire structures can also make use of sensors. (Balance: This
 makes missile fortress + wide spectrum sensor as powerful as it was in
 1.10, which is significantly more powerful than it is in trunk)

 - Structures will attack walls if there are enemy droids/structures behind

 There are some other minor fixes, but these are the main ones.

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