#141: Out of bounds array access
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 From r5014 and onward we access the array [doxygen:_droid_template
 DROID_TEMPLATE]->asParts out of its bounds.

 This is because that's the first revision to actually access
 asParts[COMP_WEAPON]. This while asParts is defined as being DROID_MAXCOMP
 elements large.

 And DROID_MAXCOMP has been defined to (COMP_NUMCOMPONENTS - 1). This is
 fine if you want to determine the highest component number, which it's
 name suggests that it does, but it's not fine if want to know the
 ''number'' of components.

 So there are two issues involved that need to be fixed:
  * Array size of asParts (and asBits of [doxygen:DROID]) being too small
  * The savegame having these two arrays two short as well; thus it will be
 difficult to prevent breaking of backwards compatibility

 Thus using DROID_MAXCOMP to decide on the size of the asParts array is
 ''wrong''. Unfortunately, however, this specific wrong usage of
 DROID_MAXCOMP is used in the save games as well, additionally it is used
 in [source:trunk/src/map.c map.c] too.

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