#179: Software rendering fallback
        Reporter:  cliff              |        Type:  defect          
          Status:  new                |    Priority:  major           
       Milestone:  2.1                |   Component:  Engine: Graphics
         Version:  2.1_rc2            |    Keywords:  software        
Operating_system:  Microsoft Windows  |   Blockedby:                  
        Blocking:                     |  
 WZ2100 is falling back to software rendering on my machine, causing in-
 game framerates of approximately 0.1 FPS. This occurs with the following
 versions: 2.1 rc2, 2.1 rc1, and 2.1 betas 1 through 5. Version 2.0.7 is
 the last working non-software-fallback version. Versions 2.0.8 and 2.0.10
 crash with a dump, which I can provide if you need.

 Here are the basic components of my computer:
 1 GHz AMD Athlon
 640 MB PC133 RAM
 ATI Rage 128 AGP 32MB, using latest official driver 6.13.3279
 Windows XP Pro SP2

 This forum thread from the 2.0.8 days may be useful:
 There was an issue where a certain OpenGL call was causing the software
 fallback, and according to replies, it was fixed. However, that is not the
 case here, but it seems to be the only relevant hint that I have

 I've (hopefully) included a stderr.txt log that was generated with 2.1 rc2
 - debug version, and with the --debug all parameter. Let me know if you
 need any more information.

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