#183: can not save design "Mantis Half-tracks repair turret" whith french
        Reporter:  gene69            |        Type:  defect
          Status:  new               |    Priority:  major 
       Milestone:                    |   Component:  other 
         Version:                    |    Keywords:        
Operating_system:  All/Non-Specific  |   Blockedby:        
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 When playing whith french translation, rev6442 failed to save this design,
 i assume it's a localisation issue.

 i'm looking for a way to disable french language to confirm.


 error   |000064855992: [writeTemplateFile] Truncation of droid name
 occurred! Max droid length (without truncation while saving) is 59
 error   |000064855992: [writeTemplateFile] Assert in Warzone: game.c:9384
 (strlen(psCurr->aName) + 1 < sizeof(psSaveTemplate->name)), last script
 event: '<none>'
 warzone2100: game.c :9384 : writeTemplateFile:  L'assertion
 « strlen(psCurr->aName) + 1 < sizeof(psSaveTemplate->name) » a échoué.
 Saved dump file to '/tmp/warzone2100.gdmp-T6U3Gg'

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