Am Samstag, 14. Februar 2009 07:07:50 schrieb bugs buggy:
> It seems we need to add a 'feature request' field for one of the
> options to use for when we set "resolve  as".
You mean the "status" field?

> And we also need input fields of 'language' (whatever ones we support)
>  and gfx chipset (intel / ati /nvidia /s3/other).
> The reason for the language is, we got some bugs that only show up
> with certain languages.
> The reason for the gfx chipset information, is most of the time,
> people don't report what their hardware configuration is, and it ends
> up being the fault of crappy gfx drivers, and not warzone related.
That would mean we always require gfx information from every user filing in a 
bug? A canned response of "fill in this template" might be a better idea.
Also things like driver version number, specific chipset, etc are often 
important. That would require *lots* of fields and combinations.

> Is everyone OK with adding these fields, & the new response?


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