#273: Server crashes if more than 6 players join a game
 Reporter:  Per                 |              Owner:  Per             
     Type:  defect              |             Status:  accepted        
 Priority:  major               |          Milestone:  2.2             
Component:  Engine: Networking  |            Version:  2.1.1           
 Keywords:  mp crash            |   Operating_system:  All/Non-Specific
Blockedby:                      |           Blocking:                  
Changes (by Per):

  * owner:  => Per
  * status:  new => accepted


 I should add by way of explanation that the bug is that the connection
 count overflows the maximum size of the connected_bsocket array. There is
 also another bug fix included, which makes the game not crash if
 connected_bsocket[i] == NULL, which is a rather strange case that I have
 only seen once.

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