On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 10:42 PM, bugs buggy <buginato...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> As I see it, this must be the bug
>>  fix part:
>>  +       // Since ANYPLAYER is supposed to be controlled by host only, that
>>  creates a issue when
>>  +       // a MP player gets a feature, and it is 'ANYPLAYER' it would never
>>  send the destroy msg.
>>  +       if (!myResponsibility(pF->player) || !(pF->player == ANYPLAYER))
>>  You may well be right about the problem, but I do not see how this can
>>  be a correct fix. This will AFAICT only destroy a feature if it is
>>  owned by ANYPLAYER.
>>   - Per
> Oil drums are always player = 99.  The myResponsibility() check
> returns true if host controls, or is player 99.  This was a mistake,
> since when a client hits that check, they wouldn't be responsible for
> it.  That is why the ANYPLAYER check.
> Adding that allows the clients to say 'yeah, we got that barrel, now
> tell the others'.

As far as I can tell, myResponsibility() returns false if player is
ANYPLAYER. I am pretty sure you want to say if
(!myResponsibility(pF->player) && pF->player != ANYPLAYER)

  - Per

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