I finally found the cause for people getting disconnected for no
apparent reason (especially in longer games).
The fix is simple enough, but the issue is, we can't stop 2.1.2 people
from connecting to 2.1.3 people.  And since the main point of the fix
is to allow people to NOT drop connections, I don't see a alternative
besides changing ports to prevent the clients from connecting.

If we do 2.1.3 + fix and no port change, then we will still have
people pissed off that their connection dropped, and perhaps more bug
reports about that.  No, the version checking code will not work,
since 2.1.2 doesn't know about the new packet type, and basically
ignores it.

If we do 2.1.3 + port change, then we would need to force a port
change in config file (make it so it always uses that port, and people
can't change it), add a 'IMPORTANT.readme' file for people to see that
a new port is now used (not sure if this is really needed), add the
version checking code, so from this point on, we wouldn't need to
touch the ports again.  Though, this will leave some distros sticking
with the 2.1.x line...

If we do 2.2, we still need a port change, a config directory change,
and that is about it, perhaps a quickish beta release is needed?

Anyone have any opinions on what should be done?

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