Looking over the code, we are pretty much fixed in what we can & can't
save, so I figure we should create a new save game revision to handle
all the features that people want.

For starters, the unit's name is stuck at 60, but in r4218, it was
changed to 256 everywhere, except the savegames.

#define OBJECT_SAVE_V20 \
        char                            name[MAX_SAVE_NAME_SIZE]; \
        UDWORD                          id; \
        UDWORD                          x,y,z; \
        UDWORD                          direction; \
        UDWORD                          player; \
        BOOL                            inFire; \
        UDWORD                          burnStart; \
        UDWORD                          burnDamage

is what it does now, and we should bump the name to 256.

I guess the new format will be GAME_SAVE_V36.

Now, since we are going to start a new save game format, then now is
the time to say what you need in the format!

And before anyone asks, no, you can't use this new format on pre 2.3 games.

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