On Sun, May 3, 2009 at 2:54 PM, Florian Schanda
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> How does this hinting work? Each gateway is a pair of (x, y) coordinates; is
> it describing a 'line', on which the AI will build walls, etc...?


> Would I get a good result if I draw one of those through a chokepoint or over 
> a chokepoint?

It should be drawn so that it blocks ("gates") the choke point.

> Around bases?

Probably a bad idea.

> Secondly, on some maps I've created I notice that pathfinding sucks hard. I've
> observed two distinct types of suckage:
> a) 30+ units get caught on a corner, not moving at all.
> b) The computer tries to attack via the wrong route and ends up heading into
> an obvious dead end, and will then queue up at the end of the dead end not
> moving anywhere.

Which version are you using? 2.1 and earlier depend on gateways being
set up correctly for path-finding. 2.2 and later do not.

  - Per

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