Am Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009 04:53:13 schrieb bugs buggy:
> On 5/4/09, Zarel <> wrote:
> > Hey, guys.
> >
> >  Having to click "OK" twice in the middle of an installation (to
> >  install OpenAL) is kind of annoying. Also, having the OpenAL installer
> >  pop up when the Warzone installer is in silent mode is not only
> >  annoying, but defeats the purpose of silent mode.
> >
> >  Apparently, the reason it's currently not silent is because we
> >  supposedly can't agree to the license for the users.
> I don't even know why we are using Creative's openAL anyway, we should
> be using openALsoft version, and just drop it in warzone's directory.
> If we do stick with Creative's, then I found this:
> He was one of the devs, so I would think if he says we can do a /s
> install, then why not?
Do that for now.

Do experiments with OpenAL Soft later, and just ship it in a release when you 
know it will work.
In addition to the installer, we currently have some issues with the reference 
OpenAL implementation, and it reports several errors in our audio code.


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