On 5/9/09, Florian Schanda <flor...@elysiumlarp.org.uk> wrote:
> Hello all,
>  I don't know what did it, but as of now trunk works on the r300 free software
>  drivers. (Not very fast, but certainly better than instant segfault.)
>  So thanks a lot!

That was a hack by suokko (Pauli Nieminen), in r7341.

Basically, the drivers are reporting VBO support, but they don't have
full support for openGL 1.5.

>  I did notice there were some glitches, in particular with roads on all three
>  tilesets. Attached is a screenshot to illustrate. Is this a known problem
>  with WZ, or a problem elsewhere (map/drivers)?

That is a known issue with the gfx.  The road gfx needs to be redone.
Any volunteers?

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