On 5/27/09, Per Inge Mathisen <per.mathi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Due to a small change in scripts that change the behaviour that the AI
>  copied whatever truck the human player had, skirmish savegames (only)
>  are incompatible between rc1 and upcoming rc2. Should we revert the
>  change or let it be?

I meant to comment on this before, I just forgot.
Anyway, if you see a error like:
error   |01:21:11: [eventLoadContext] Context 1 of 6: Number of
context variables (946) does not match the script code (945)

The addition of aiconstructor is the root cause, and I don't think we
could fix it in the savegame file.  It just is, the old AI code had
945 variables, and the new AI code has 946.

The change in the script does fix a issue that could be abused, and it
is semi rare.

We would get allot of flak over not being able to load 2.1.x, since
people do make collections of savegame files, and we have tried hard
in the past to not break savegames, with the exception of a certain
2.1 beta ...

I am thinking it is better to revert, and rethink how we can fix this
in the future.  It would require a new savegame format + a way to
detect which version of the scripts we are using.

Then based on that, we can use the correct scripts.  (Still a huge PITA)

Which also means that when trunk goes to LUA, 2.3 and 2.2 will start
to drift farther & farther apart... and upkeep on 2.2 will start to

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