On Friday,  5 June 2009 at  0:47, Dennis Schridde wrote:
> I think checking for specific drivers and applying hacks in that case is a 
> bad 
> behaviour. Can we not run a behavioural check instead? I.e. "supports VBOs, 
> but not GL 1.5 -> likely to be broken"? If you think that could cause havok 
> on 
> the wrong drivers, you could still check for "renderer=mesa" as a 
> precondition 
> to that, if it really need be.

Mesa supports VBOs as extensions, in OpenGL 1.5 they are in the core. Mesa
needs the xxxARB function names, while Warzone uses the core names without ARB.
All this "hack" does is to make it possible to use the core names even if VBOs
are just extensions. I don't think there is any brokenness involved (despite
this somewhat unlucky "hack" label).

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