Hey, dev list and/or staff forums (This message has been sent out to both).

I have several proposals for changes.

First, the minor changes:

-> The site logo in the upper left should be updated to be inline with
the new Warzone logo. It's the only place the old logo still appears.
A new one, correctly sized, can be found here:

-> The "Development" tab should be removed, and the "Trac" tab should
be renamed "Development". I've already gone and merged the information
from Development into WikiStart page, and we do not need that many
tabs in the header.

-> It might help to add a "Download" tab between "FAQ" and "User Guide".

-> The Blog _really_ isn't updated enough for its entire own tab. We
mention new blog posts on the home page; I think that's enough. I
think we should, however, find some way to merge the blog and the news

-> I believe the Warzone Guide is complete enough that it can directly
replace the "User Guide" tab (so that the tab button takes users
directly there). If there's a thematic issue, I can re-layout the
Guide to match the current Warzone site. I can also add whatever
information currently on the User Guide page to the Guide, if

Those changes should bring the Warzone site tabs to:

Home | Download | FAQ | User Guide | Forums | Development

Six tabs - not ideal, but better than the seven we currently have.

And now, the major proposed change:

Let's rename our project from "Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project" to
"Warzone 2100 Project" (and the abbreviation from "WRP" to "WZP").

Reasons include:

1. At this point, after five years, there are no other Warzone 2100
projects - the only other one (Warzone 2200) is dead and never
released anything at all, no binaries, not even any source. We are
_the_ undisputed Warzone Project.

2. There's no confusion that we are affiliated with Pumpkin -
Pumpkin's been gone for ages - anyone who has heard of the old Warzone
and could potentially confuse us would know that. And if they don't,
there's still the "Project" in there for disambiguation.

3. We are no longer "resurrecting" anything at this point. We have
_succeeded_ in resurrecting Warzone and making a great cross-platform
game out of it. Now, all we're doing is continuing the development of
our successful project. We can signify this achievement by removing
the word "Resurrection" from our name.

4. "Resurrection" is confusing to users who do not know our history.
And I don't think it's important for your average Warzone to know the
entire history of the project, however amazing that is.

5. New users (who have never heard of Warzone before) who visit the
site may erroneously guess from the title that the game has something
to do with resurrection. "Project", on the other hand, leads users to
the right direction for what the campaign is about.

6. It's much shorter.

So, what does everyone think? I would _really_ like your feedback on these.


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