Just curious as to where we are at?

I know that most of the devs are away/busy, so things have slowed down

For a alpha 2.3 release, the major blockers/issues with that are power
code, skybox, and what else?

Zarel is pushing for a 2.2.2 relatively soon, what is the status of
this?   I have been out of the loop, so I am not sure what still needs
to be done, what is being worked on, or if it is even possible to do a
2.2.2 release with so few people available to make builds.
About the only thing I know is, that the mod code won't be done in
time for a 2.2.2 release anytime soon.

I have noticed allot of bug reports, but sadly, most of them are still
useless.  The additional code for the crash dump helps, but we have to
come up with a way to have the same info for the mac crash dumps.

Gerard, if you are still reading the ML, people have been griping
about the lack of  a git sync, so we need to come up with a solution
to this as well.

Perhaps we move the git repo to sf, then have whatever script run on that ?

Anything else anybody want to share?  It is getting lonely on the ML. :S

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