On Friday, 14 August 2009 at 15:12, Stephen Swaney wrote:
> The problem, as stated in #716 was
>   Running default ./configure gives a bunch of mixed declaration &
>   code errors in exceptionhandler.c. gcc 4.3.2 openSUSE linux 11.2
> Gcc 4.3.2 hardly fits the 'bad compiler' label, IMHO. (feel free to
> add your own snarky remarks) It *is* more strict than previous
> versions.

But why does it insist on C90? My gcc 4.3.4 on Debian doesn't do that. Can you
post the full gcc command line and error messages?

> > > The question is, why do we need to be C90 compliant in unix-only code at
> > > all?
> Good question.  You tell me.

>From my point of view, we don't. Your gcc begs to differ.

> In any case, you should be able to compile WZ on a mainstream linux
> platform with the default settings.

As long as the default settings aren't stupid, I agree.

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