The developer staff brings you the release of Warzone 2100 2.2.2.
The most noticeable fix in this release is that people should have
significantly fewer crashes, as well as less problems with sounds and
numerous other fixes in this release as well. For a complete list see
the Changelog.

NOTE to builders, we need Fedora & Mac builds please. :)

2009-08-23: Version 2.2.2
 * General:
   * Change: Add the ability of allied players to share sensors
(ticket:636, r7900)
   * Change: Stop rotation when "Continue" is pressed after winning a
multiplayer/skirmish game (r7887)
   * Change: Show when a game was saved in a tooltip on the loading
screen. (r7864, ticket:682)
   * Fix: Cannot display more than one game from lobby. Also fix a
lobby display issue. (r7839, ticket:691)
   * Fix: Various checks and workarounds to make game run more stable
(r7836, r7894, r7889, r7883, r7881, r7851, r7847, r7842, r7822, r7910
/ ticket:759)
   * Fix: Crash due to path length overflow (r7916, ticket:738, ticket:765)
   * Fix: Bug that caused some keyboard shortcuts to be unusable in
multiplayer since they were considered cheats (r7856)
   * Fix: Verify that our "target" is still around before doing fire
support with it. (r7910, ticket:759)
   * Fix: Fix crash length overflow by capping path lengths to max 255
nodes. (r7916, ticket:738)
   * Fix: Fix a typo, we wanted to display "???" when ping is >=2000 (r7922)
   * Fix: Fix camera bug in warcam code. Patch by i-NoD (r7924, ticket:757)
   * Fix: General order/action code cleanup (r7926)
   * Fix: Fix segfault when trying to read target of droid with no
target in aiUpdateStructure (r7928)
   * Fix: Use _NSIG in the exceptionhandler if available for *BSD
compatibility. (r7972, ticket:818)
   * Fix: Add correct linker flags for openbsd to configure. (r7974, ticket:819)
   * Fix: Disable locales without translation. (r7969, ticket:813)
   * Fix: NTW updated to 1.8.7 (r7998 - r8009)
   * Fix: When babas are burning, we always play the scream now.
(r8025, ticket:830)
   * Fix: Make sure we have a valid color choice for our SP game, when
we are coming from a MP game. (r8032)
 * Translations:
   * Fix: Commit Portuguese translation. (r7943, ticket:783)
   * Fix: Updated translations (r7880, r7877, r7875, r7871, r7868, r7863, r7861)
 * Graphics:
   * Fix: Increase video buffer size from 4K to 256K.  This fixes
playback of videos with a bitrate larger than ~2000kbps. (r7981)
   * Change: Add a north pointer for the rotating radar.  (r8013, ticket:769)
 * Sound:
   * Fix: Fixes the removal of unused (sound) sources. (r8012, r8026,

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