#896: Units can damage themselves
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 For realism it's quite cool that units can damage itself, but as
 units/turrets aren't smart enough to figure out if their projectiles are
 going to hit the (static!) target or not, it can happen that the
 projectile hits the ground.

 See the attached image: An EMP unit tries to attack an enemy structure,
 but the projectile hits the ground just before it. The result: The unit
 stuns itself. A similar problem has been observed with the Heavy Rocket
 Bastion firing at a near target and damaging itself. The damage that
 fortress did to itself was far greater than the damage done by the
 attacking units. And although this allows for some interesting tactics
 against fortresses I consider it a defect as units by default should not
 do things that cause harm to self, if not told otherwise.

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