#935: 2.2.2 crash during 1-1 skirmish, map Valley
        Reporter:  bugrepo...@…                      |        Type:  defect
          Status:  new                               |    Priority:  major 
       Milestone:  unspecified                       |   Component:  other 
         Version:  2.2.2                             |    Keywords:        
Operating_system:  GNU/Linux                         |   Blockedby:        
        Blocking:                                    |  
 Game crashed during 1-1 skirmish on map SK-Valley-T3.

 I was navigating 10 scourge missile tanks of which 5 were
 already on the hill, and the other 5 were climbing uphill to it.

 The game was more or less in its final stages.

 I played about 10 - 12 skirmish games with this version and
 this is the first time it crashed.

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