First off, I really think we need room to grow for the 2.2 branch.
If we start to backport some changes from trunk to the current 2.2 it
can/will break things, and saying 2.2.5 won't work with 2.2.4 because
of XYZ isn't really a good way to handle it.  Minor improvements and
or bug fixes are for minor bumps in the version, but something more
major really needs a major bump in the revision numbers.

For example, the net code.  As we all know, it is pretty different in
trunk and branch, and it is much harder for us to maintain two
versions of netcode.
If we backport that from trunk to 2.2, it should be 2.3.0 not 2.2.5
(or whatever).

Some of the other stuff would be the new savegame format and whatever else.

Last topic of this nature was pretty much everyone said it was OK to
make the current trunk 3.0.

Can we all, finally agree how to handle this?

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