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> On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 6:44 PM, Zarel  wrote:
> >> OpenGL 2.x is basically available on any Direct3D 9 compatible card
> >> (Except some Intel IGP). And how many people play Warzone on a Laptop?
> >
> > Considering laptops are now more popular on desktops, and college
> > students (the demographic most interested in hardcore gaming)
> > generally only have a laptop, I'd say "most of them". I've played
> > Warzone with many people, and _all_ of them were on laptops.
> >
> > If OpenGL 2.x works fine on the Intel GMA X3100 (which was the most
> > popular video card at one point, and is Direct3D 9 compatible), then I
> > have no objection, but the impression I have is that it does not.
> Update: The GMA 950 (Intel's last generation card) is OpenGL 1.5 and
> DirectX 9.0c compatible. The GMA X3100 and 4500MHD (their current
> card) are OpenGL 2.0 and DirectX 10 compatible. None of them support
> OpenGL 2.1.
> If we are just using OpenGL 2.0 features, I think I can support this
> (as long as we have a 2.3 release that's compatible with the GMA 950).
> -Zarel

Just got that crappy Acer Extensa 4220 laptop (WinVista Home Basic x86) with 
GMA X3100 on-board for a few days. It supports OpenGL 2.0 (plus driver's notes 
states of some unspecified additional extensions). When I switch AV software 
off I can run WZ 2.2.3 at ~55fps with shadows off, got ~30fps with shadows on.
Maybe I haven't played 2.2 for a long time *or it's an Intel GFX work* but game 
looks just scary :-/ The sky... you'd better look on the battlefield...

Version TRUNK r8174 is constantly crashing somewhere inside GFX driver in less 
than a second after a level is loaded. Still I saw a new terrain renderer in 
work for this fract of second... Can't say much on wz code that was calling a 
fatal gfx call, since mingw isn't producing good crash dumps and I'm away from 
home till the end of the week, so I can't debug it...

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