#972: fake maps if not downloaded correctly
        Reporter:  Terminator         |        Type:  defect  
          Status:  new                |    Priority:  critical
       Milestone:  2.2.4              |   Component:  other   
         Version:  2.2.3              |    Keywords:          
Operating_system:  Microsoft Windows  |   Blockedby:          
        Blocking:                     |  
 - player dont have a map (ariza);[[BR]]

 - player joins a game with this map, wz begins to download map, but player
 dont want to wait and leaves with unfinished d-led map;[[BR]]

 - but wz created file called ariza.wz (unfinished few kbytes)[[BR]]

 - next time player joins with this map he kicked out because map not the
 same and he cant even downoad it from host.[[BR]]

 offered solution: 1) delete unfinished downloaded files. If something goes
 wrong just delete everything has been downloaded.[[BR]]

 2) creat temp folder for any download in-game. And to put there unfinished
 dls. And next time player can resume to DL (if wz supports resuming like
 in FTP downloads)

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