#997: Crash to desktop during multiplayer game
        Reporter:  fmbailey           |        Type:  defect
          Status:  new                |    Priority:  major 
       Milestone:  unspecified        |   Component:  other 
         Version:  unspecified        |    Keywords:        
Operating_system:  Microsoft Windows  |   Blockedby:        
        Blocking:                     |  
 '''For Version 2.2.4'''

 Alright so I got the new game update, installed with no issues, booted it
 up fine and started up a multiplayer game with no issues. However after
 about an hour of gameplay the game crashes to the desktop. We were playing
 on the 8 player Cockate map.  I had been mass producing Plasmite Flame
 Tanks on Treads and Tiger Bodies and sending them to attack.

 My friend seemed to experience no crash and continued on to finish the
 round without a problem.

 Attached is the crash report I got for this error.

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