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2009-11-21: Version 2.3.0 beta 2
 * General:
   * Change: Allow either the normal return/enter key or the numpad
enter key to terminate strings. (r8425, ticket:1055)
   * Change: Alt+click now works in Mac OS X. (r8432, ticket:1084)
   * Change: New and improved HP bars! Now 2 pixels high! (r8428)
   * Change: New game mode - challenges. See who can complete a fixed
game setup the quickest! (ticket:778)
   * Fix: Assorted bug fixes (r8399, 8400,
 * Gameplay:
   * Change: You can now repair/rearm/upgrade/guard allied units and
structures. (r8432, ticket:1084)
   * Change: Cursors should now more accurately represent what happens
when you click there. (r8432, ticket:1084)
   * Change: Cyborg transports can be unloaded with Alt+click. (r8421,
   * Change: VTOLs will scout with Alt+click. (r8432, ticket:1084)
   * Change: Repair turrets are more reliable now, and don't fidget
before repairing. (r8421, ticket:1084)
   * Change: You can damage your own units/structures with Alt+click
again. Allies are still immune. (r8432, ticket:1084)
   * Change: Cyborg transports should fly at a lower height now - so
they shouldn't take so long to descend. (r8430)
 * Multiplayer:
   * Change: Add UPnP support to automatically forward the needed
ports on supported routers (r8445, r8446, r8447, r8449, ticket:1073)
   * Change: In skirmish always show position of and do not show
proximity messages for oil wells (r8444, ticket:1087)
   * Fix: Set AI colors (r8409, ticket:1070)
   * Fix: Enable/disable AIs (r8409, ticket:1065)
   * Fix: Send team position (r8409, ticket:1075)
   * Fix: Add missing wrf files for limiter screen. (r8408)
 * Graphics:
   * Fix: Corrected cyborg transport model (r8404)
   * Fix: Correct menu captions (r8414)
 * Translations:
   * Updated: German (r8452), Dutch (r8412)
 * Mods:
   * NTW: Cannons and Cyborgs balance update (r8395)

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