#1218: AI script: getNearestGateway() issue
        Reporter:  DylanDog          |        Type:  defect                
          Status:  new               |    Priority:  major                 
       Milestone:  unspecified       |   Component:  Engine: Scripting / AI
         Version:  2.2.4             |    Keywords:  getNearestGateway     
Operating_system:  All/Non-Specific  |   Blockedby:                        
        Blocking:                    |  
 The function getNearestGateway(int x, int y, ref rX, ref rY) generates an
 error if on the map the gateways are missing. The error is the following:

 error   |01:35:49: [scrGetNearestGateway] SCRIPT : No gateways found in
 error   |01:35:49: [scrGetNearestGateway] Assert in Warzone:
 scriptfuncs.c:5180 (0), last script event: 'N/A'
 error   |01:35:49: [interpRunScript] interpRunScript: could not do func
 error   |01:35:49: [interpRunScript] interpRunScript: *** ERROR EXIT ***
 error   |01:35:49: [interpRunScript] Original event ID: 37 (of 138)
 error   |01:35:49: [interpRunScript] Current event ID: 68 (of 138)
 error   |01:35:49: [interpRunScript] Call depth : 1
 error   |01:35:49: [scrOutputCallTrace]  *** Script call trace: ***
 error   |01:35:49: [scrOutputCallTrace] 1: N/A (current event)
 error   |01:35:49: [scrOutputCallTrace] 0: N/A (return address: 0BD6A8E0)
 error   |01:35:49: [interpRunScript] interpRunScript: error while
 executing a script
 error   |01:35:49: [interpRunScript] Assert in Warzone: interpreter.c:946
 (!"error while executing a script"), last script event: 'N/A'
 error   |01:35:49: [eventFireCallbackTrigger] eventFireCallbackTrigger:
 event N/A: code failed
 error   |01:35:49: [eventFireCallbackTrigger] Assert in Warzone:
 event.c:1049 (0), last script event: 'N/A'


 Please note that both AIvolution and the standard warzone AI do not use
 this function.

 This error appeared while testing DyDo-AI on maps created with Diorama

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