#1248: commanders do not lead up to the max number of units for their rank
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         Version:  2.3 beta 4         |    Keywords:  commander group
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 It seems that a commander will not always accept the number of units the
 commanders menu says it can control.

 If a commander is any rank higher than rookie and is leading 1 or 2 fewer
 units than his max, then you are not able to add more units. it does not
 prevent units form an associated factory from joining, or at least acting
 like they are in the group. however, their health bars do not appear and
 they can be selected with a left click. if you take units out till the
 commander has 3 or more units less than his max, then you can add them all
 back to group the max

 Examples with max=10

 if group=0 and you add 12 then group=10

 if group=1 and you add 11 then group=10


 if group=7 and you add 5 then group=10

 if group=8 and you add 4 then group=8

 if group=9 and you add 3 then group=9

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