#1376: nexus turrent Assert
        Reporter:  Ai_Tak                     |        Type:  bug          
          Status:  new                        |    Priority:  major        
       Milestone:  unspecified                |   Component:  Engine: other
         Version:  2.3 beta 5 (unsupported!)  |    Keywords:  nexus        
Operating_system:  All/Non-Specific           |   Blockedby:               
        Blocking:                             |  
 I took over a few AI structures near some of their oil wells, they sent a
 truck to build more defenses, the truck was building something before it
 was destroyed (rather than taken over). Nexus attacks were then focused on
 the partially complete structure. I'm not sure if it still accruing power
 or if the build process was actually started (I thought accruing before
 building had been eliminated...) If it wasn't finished accruing, then it
 would have disappeared eventually. It did disappear after a short time,
 but I'm not sure what caused it. The game crashed the instant it


 error   |04:06:42: [justBeenHitByEW] justBeenHitByEW: unknown object type
 error   |04:06:42: [justBeenHitByEW] Assert in Warzone:
 ../../../src/projectile.c:1941 (!"unknown object type"), last script

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