#1384: Scoring issues in multiplayer
        Reporter:  kenalcock         |        Type:  bug                   
          Status:  new               |    Priority:  minor                 
       Milestone:  unspecified       |   Component:  Data: Stats           
         Version:  2.3 beta 6        |    Keywords:  Score Host Multiplayer
Operating_system:  All/Non-Specific  |   Blockedby:                        
        Blocking:                    |  
 I have noticed some really bad issues with the score screen.

 1. The host score is always 0 (boy do I suck). This is repeatable on any
 map. (In the Screen Grab, I am Cosmic Raven.)

 2. At the end of one game, it reported I had only lost 11 units, when I
 know I lost at least double that, since I had to replace about all of my
 trucks at least twice.

 I know there have been sync issues reported with data going over to other
 player's screens, but it seems like a player should be able to get at
 least their own score correct.

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