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Am Samstag, 16. Januar 2010 20:59:17 schrieb C yp:
> Hi, I was told big commits should go on this mailing list before being
> committed. And apparently a quick rewrite of a few files is considered a
> big commit.
> *trunk*:
> If noone complains, I intend to commit the PointTree to trunk.
> The PointTree replaces the previous grid system and all "naybor" stuff,
> without all the weird hacks. To see how it works, run "make check" and look
> at the random resulting tests/pointtree.ppm (an image file).
No complaints against this for trunk.

> *2.3*:
> Also, if noone complains, I intend to commit unicode, raytrace and retarget
> to 2.3.
> Unicode does what you would expect. (You can write in whatever language you
> want, in-game.)
> Raytrace makes projectiles have better collision detection, which is less
> dependent on who has the best graphics card.
> Retarget makes things look for new targets when a target is doomed, instead
> of only once the target is dead.
We haven't had unicode support since 1.0, one version will not make a 
difference. Non-raytraced projectiles might be inaccurate for some people, but 
definitely better than raytraced ones which do not work at all due to a subtle 
bug. Retargeting droids is nice, but not exactly necessary in the stable 
Thus a No from me for the stable branch. The features are nice though, so 
please add it to trunk.
You can then get 2.3 out quickly and start the 2.4 beta phase, to bring it to 
the people.

Kind regards,

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