#1536: Crashing when loading a game with structures over limits
        Reporter:  KukY              |        Type:  bug                        
          Status:  new               |    Priority:  major                      
       Milestone:  unspecified       |   Component:  Engine: other              
         Version:  2.3 beta 9        |    Keywords:  load savegame limits 
Operating_system:  All/Non-Specific  |   Blockedby:                             
        Blocking:                    |  
 I use a limits
 mod([http://forums.wz2100.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4634#p46356 This one.]).
 I save a game and then load that savegame again(Mod is loaded all the
 time.). WZ crashes because I built 5 LasSats there(Using mod.), and limits
 in game are set to 1.

 error   |11:42:59: [buildStructure] Player 0: Building A0LasSatCommand
 could not be built due to building limits (has 1, max 1)!
 error   |11:42:59: [loadSaveStructureV] Unable to create structure
 error   |11:42:59: [loadSaveStructureV] Assert in Warzone:
 ../../../src/game.c:7724 (psStructure), last script event: '<none>'

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