On 2/19/10, Giel van Schijndel <m...@xxxxx.eu> wrote:
> None of these ^^ commits are necessary.
>  Using another HOST_TRIPLET than mingw32 can be achieved by specifiying
>  "HOST_TRIPLET=${whatever_you_want}" as command line argument to

Well, while not 100% necessary, it didn't really make sense to keep
setting the HOST_TRIPLET, when it was always the same thing for both
of the people that built the windows builds.

>  Using a non-default distributor (remember that configure.ac already
>  uses "UNKNOWN" as its default) can be accomplished by specifying
>  "--with-distributor=$distributor" as command line argument to
>  The build script will pass *all* its arguments to the ./configure
>  script, so no special hacks are required to pass paramters to
>  ./configure. Furthermore all arguments of the form "\w+=.*" (e.g.
>  "VAR=val") will cause environment variables of that name to be
>  overridden.

This didn't work, in win32/ I did: ./__BUILD_SCRIPT
--with-distributor="blah" and it would error out with unknown option.
That is why I did it like that.

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