#1698: Out of range
        Reporter:  sebastian.warzone2...@…               |        Type:  bug  
          Status:  new                                   |    Priority:  major
       Milestone:  unspecified                           |   Component:  other
         Version:  2.2.2 (unsupported!)                  |    Keywords:       
Operating_system:  GNU/Linux                             |   Blockedby:       
        Blocking:                                        |  
 Upon lauch I am greeted with a black scrren and an out of range message
 (from the screen) I am then unable to return to the desktop and have to
 reset. Is there any way to modify the game to get it 'in rage' as I would
 hate to buy a new screen. My screen is an NEC MultiSync LCD 1525x and I
 use an Nvidia GeForce 7025 grapics card.

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