#1730: Vtols fly backwards
        Reporter:  icefire               |        Type:  bug           
          Status:  new                   |    Priority:  major         
       Milestone:  2.3                   |   Component:  Engine: other 
         Version:  2.3 beta 12           |    Keywords:  vtol backwards
Operating_system:  GNU/Linux             |   Blockedby:                
        Blocking:  Proper unit movement  |  
 As of 10:46 AM EST today, I found a rather strange glitch for warzone2100
 version 2.3 beta12
 Peculiar as it sounds this bug is vtols driving backwards, curiously this
 hasn't happened before
 Rather than make a wasteful and unnecessary detailed description on such a
 strange accurance
 I would rather show you the results with a screencap picture I took and
 cropped myself in gimp
 Long has it been since I last made a bug report, and I have to admit I
 might be a little rusty
 Forgive me if I'm not doing this right, I am somewhat new and
 inexperienced in these matters
 Out of all the bug reports I've seen, I hope this one is up to par that
 you would expect from it
 Of course if this glitch has been already found, reported, fixed already,
 what have you, please
 Let me know,  I will apologize for wasting your time and won't do so
 again. I have enclosed a
 Screenshot of the bug with this ticket, and I hope it helps you guys find
 the glitch. :)

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