Before I left, I was told there was going to be some balance changes,
and I haven't seen any for the beta 12 release, besides the
penetration fix for the cannons.  Is this still going to happen?

The autoload of mods.
This is still causing issues, as can be seen by trac tickets where
people forget about mods that are in that directory.
That was one of the main reasons why we disabled it in the first place.
If we want a "stable" 2.3, then we should either disable that again,
or someone needs to fix it.

The network code, AFAICT, we do not have any network related crashes anymore.
Yes, we got sync issues, but the 2.3 series will always have them.
Cyp's work with newnet should fix the sync issues, but, last I looked,
that version will __NOT__ work with 32bit systems at this time.  This
is both on MSVC & cross-compiled builds.

Other issues for 2.3, before a release is what exactly?
I know about the campaign issues with the visibility routines, and I
will revert the changes to the cleaning process as a temp fix for
this. (What is going on is, on certain campaign missions, the pointers
get swapped, and we end up freeing memory that shouldn't have been
freed yet.  (I have no clue why Pumpkin did the pointer swapping
tricks, I guess to save some memory for the PSX or something like

Is there anything else that needs to be looked at?

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