On Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 5:47 AM, Per Inge Mathisen
<per.mathi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> We need to merge some of the large trees into trunk soon. I have a
> number of things waiting for a merger of the Qt branch, and I am
> holding off any larger changes to scripting waiting for the lua
> branch. I am also trying not to change too many things in
> order/action/net code because of the newnet branch. As this situation
> is unsustainable, I would like to start merging the Qt branch soon,
> even though it may still have some sharp edges.

Perhaps we merge Qt+newnet into a new "experimental" branch, then?

I have three major objections to merging Qt and newnet in:

1. Some of our users play trunk primarily. jaakan and those MSVC guys,
for instance. You can meet them by making a commit that breaks
compiles. :P I'm sure they'd rather dislike being unable to play an
updated version of trunk for however long it takes to fix them will be
an issue.

2. One of the forum users complained about the bugs in Qt branch
making it unplayable, and I had to reassure him that Qt branch would
not be merged into trunk until those issues were fixed.

3. I develop with Mac OS X and Windows. It is my understanding that
once they were merged in, I wouldn't be able to develop with Windows,
and I'd come up with several serious bugs in Mac OS X.

I think those mean that it's a bit early to be merging them in.


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