C yp wrote:
> Think the main part is power, movement and experience. Think
> floating-point might be (mis)used a few other random places, but
> probably nowhere that isn't easy to fix. Think it's used all over the
> place in src/effects.c, but that file _shouldn't_ affect the game
> state (except that maybe it does, think Safety might have said
> something about oil well burning times depending on src/effects.c, not
> sure if I understood, since it's hard to believe there could be
> something hacky like that in a codebase like this).
> -Cyp
For fire effects (not only oil well fires,) the _killEffect_ function
retrieves the tile from the position (Vector3f,) and clears the fire bit
of that tile. Effect times seem to use integers.
If you don't believe me then look at the _killEffect_ function, it is
very short.

That clearing of the fire bit causes bug #1100 because there might be
multiple fire effects whose position corresponds to a given tile. The
first effect to die will clear the bit.


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