On 4/7/10, Safety0ff  wrote:
>  For fire effects (not only oil well fires,) the _killEffect_ function
>  retrieves the tile from the position (Vector3f,) and clears the fire bit
>  of that tile. Effect times seem to use integers.
>  If you don't believe me then look at the _killEffect_ function, it is
>  very short.
>  That clearing of the fire bit causes bug #1100 because there might be
>  multiple fire effects whose position corresponds to a given tile. The
>  first effect to die will clear the bit.

Right, if fire is on a tile, and the timer is set, and if another
projectile hits the same tile with fire, then it is set to that time

Yes, it is a easy way to "put out" oil fires, or any other fire for
that matter. :)

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