On 4/12/10, Dylan Dog wrote:
> ok, sorry but I have very low knowledge about svn.
> I had downloaded the two mentioned files, modified them locally then when I
> tried to "commit" them TortoiseSVN always gave me an error back ("file
> already exists" ??) which avoided the update on the branch. That is the
> reason why I deleted them first.
> Next time before doing something new to me I will ask if this is ok.
> Just to give you an example of how bad is my knowledge of SVN...I do not
> even understand then meaning of :
> "all you need to do is merge it from trunk (or whatever)"
> Maybe few words (really few) on the meaning of TAG, BRANCHES and TRUNK could
> help me a bit.

Trunk is more or less, a base of operations.
We branch from trunk to create a specific revision, like 2.2 or 2.3.
When we do releases, we then create a tag from the branch, and that is
the 2.3 beta xyz or 2.3.0 stuff you see.

Here is just some general info.

The easiest way to handle svn, is to edit the files in svn directly,
(as in, make all changes to your mod in your local svn repo) and you
may mark things to add or remove via the menu item commands.  Don't
just delete them via hitting the delete key, or dragging it to the
trash, and don't just drop new files first, without doing the svn add
menu command.

If you are changing things outside the repo, most of the time, you can
just copy over the files into the repo itself, and TortoiseSVN will
pick up the changes, and you can commit that way.  This will only
work, if files of the same name are there.  If not, you need to use
the svn add command.

For merges, again with TortoiseSVN, once you commit to trunk or a
branch, and you need the same patches to another location, you just
select merge, and tell it the source url, and then check the 'ignore
ancestry' to make it not do the  'merge info:' changes, then it will
report if OK or if conflicts.  If conflicts, you just edit them via
the 'edit conflicts' menu item.

You can't merge things from a branch if you copy stuff to your local
svn repo before the merge, or you will get that file already exists
Let svn handle all the file copys, and don't do it by hand if you do merges.

Sorry if this is a bit wordy, but if you have any question, either
e-mail us, or get on IRC, freenode, #warzone2100-dev and ask. :)

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