On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 11:18:12AM -0500, Guangcong Luo wrote:
> Currently, we have two text files in data/base/images/, intfac.img and
> frontend.img, which have the .img extension.
> Unfortunately, .img means "Disk Image" in Mac OS X, and means "disk
> image", "bitmap graphic", etc in several other obscure programs. This
> makes it rather difficult to open in a text editor, and I'd rather not
> reassign the default application since I do have disk image files with
> that extension.
> The simplest solution is to rename the extension. .txt or .csv works
> for me. What say the ML?

The simplest solution is to not do anything.  Is it really that hard
to open a file in a text editor on OSX?

Stephen Swaney                  

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