On Wednesday, 28 April 2010 at  8:58, Per Inge Mathisen wrote:
> Ok, sorry about the really bad pun. The point is, I think it is about
> time to leave the barren wastes of svn behind, and head for the
> promised lands of git. I've been looking into the newline issues, and
> I am convinced that they can be properly terminated. That leaves only
> the question of whether git is good/user-friendly enough on
> Windows/Mac. Given the amount of cross-platform projects that have
> converted to (g)it, I think we should manage, too. Anyone else have an
> opinion?

I agree.

On the line endings, I seem to remember reading somewhere that problems these
days are basically only from wrong conversions of existing repos (no source,
sorry). So I guess we should a) check all files in SVN (in all branches we
still care about) and give them the correct properties, and possibly b) create
a new repo with a current git-svn that might do the conversion better than
whatever old version was used for the current ones. b) would invalidate all
existing git repos, and I'm not sure that step is necessary (but then, it
shouldn't be that hard to rebase possible existing branches on the new repo).

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