On 5/3/10, Christian Ohm  wrote:
>  Since there seems to be no winner in the RCS discussion, we have basically 
> two
>  choices: 1. stay with SVN, 2. Decide on one of them (as backend at least). 
> From
>  what I've read, it seems it is easily possible to access a git repository 
> with
>  both hg and bzr. So I've set up a git repo for testing.

Not sure if other windows people have been trying tests or not, but it
looks like, the main problem with using HG+git or BZR+git is that it
isn't working, besides the initial clone.  Could be errors in dulwich,
or perhaps hggit itself.
Using msysgit and or TortoiseGit (which needs msysgit installed), the
results are somewhat better, you can push, but, I ran into a fatal
issue, that I couldn't resolve.  It still is unstable, unless all you
do is basic commands, like pull, commit, and push.  Once you start
doing branches, tags, merges, then all bets are off.

SVN does have its own set of problems, but it is far more stable than using git.

The other options are, either use hg, or bzr, or we just keep
hammering away with SVN with a possible move to the beta SVN server
(with the limitations previously mentioned), or hope they can fix the
issues with HG+git.

Anyone else care to pipe in?

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