#1847: Preliminary qt->trunk merge patch
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 This patch is only meant to double check the merge work, and make sure
 everything looks OK.

 Not all the build systems are working/part of this patch, that will be in
 another patch.  This is only meant for people to review what is in the

 My thinking on actually doing the (final) patch would be to do the actual
 patch on gitorious (Looks like Cyp is the one who is active there), and
 push that to svn, so we can retain history with git, since svn sucks in
 that area.  For what it is worth, the patch was made by cloning the
 gitorious repo, import that to hg, then told it to merge.
 I do not see a good way to handle this with svn, since, as with the other
 mass merges, we lose the history.

 Before the final patch is merged, we would make a new branch from the
 current trunk, and give it a nice codename like "hydra" or whatever, and
 not 3.0 as originally thought, since we are still unsure if 3.0 will
 actually use Qt backend or not.

 The ETA on the merge should be this weekend or maybe next weekend, or
 whenever Cyp has time to do this on gitorious and then push to svn.  I
 don't see a way to get added to gitorious, so I can push things to svn,
 once the merge is made.

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