On Thursday, 10 June 2010 at 22:58, Per Inge Mathisen wrote:
> Liked, and at least one other person recommended it: Battle (2p), Pass
> Assault (2p), mischief (8p), Startup2 (2p, might replace existing
> Startup). I think we can include any or all of these.

Hm, Pass Assault seems to originate from
http://worldforceclan.com/warzone2100/maps/New.html... As I just noticed, both
Battle and Mischief don't have bases, just HQs. The only of our current maps
without full bases are the later added Cockpit and Cockate. Personally I'd not
include such maps, but maybe people usually only start without bases...

> Once ATWb (4p), the Americas map, has been given a license, and maybe
> some balancing, I think we can include that as well. It is really
> cool, although probably not (yet) for competitive playing.

That one also doesn't have full bases...

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