#1921: Multiplayer Campaign Co-Op
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Cooperative Multiplayer
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 Would it be possible to implement a cooperative mode into WZ2100

 This is how I would expect it:

 In the Multiplayer menu, theres Skirmish and Cooperative. Under
 Cooperative is Host Game and Join Game. Under Skirmish is Host Game and
 Join Game also, but Cooperative Join Game and Host Game are a separate
 game mode. The menu is the same for Cooperative game setup, except there
 is no option for power level, base startup, scavengers, or Alliances.
 Alliances are set to Locked Teams by default, and any player that joins is
 on your team and there is a max of two players. When you choose a map, you
 instead choose a mission to play, such as Cam1-Mission1. When you choose
 your color, the colors used by factions in the campaign are disabled. When
 the game starts, everyone plays through the chosen mission. When players
 start, the host gets the bases automatically assigned by the campaign like
 the intro to beta base, and the second player gets a set of trucks in the
 base that preferably start at the landing zone in the map.  I understand
 that this may be incredibly difficult to implement, but it would be a
 fantastic addition to the game.

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