Hey all,
We currently have 4 different ways of dealing with endianess ( 5 before 
r11002), they are:
PHYSFS_swap* ( declared in physfs.h, used 39 times )
SDL_swap*        ( declared in SDL_endian.h, used 15 times)
System networking functions hton* ntoh* ( declared in netinet/in.h, 
arpa/inet.h, winsock2.h, etc. used 53 times)
endian_* word           (defined in endian_hack.h, inline functions that 
swap using pointers, used ~511 times)

I think we should rename endian_hack.h to wz_endian.h and turn it into 
the single header that provides all the declarations to deal with endian 
swapping (for network and other code.)

What do you guys think?

Anyways, even if you disagree with doing the above, SDL_swap* should be 
removed in favor of the PHYSFS_swap* and hton* ntoh* ( for nettypes.c).

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